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We Reduce Reuse & Recycle

Polyafric Industries Ltd is a Kenyan registered recycling company that was established in 2014 to address the challenge of plastic waste by employing the closed loop recycling business model.
We work with community-based organizations (CBOs) in the removal and recovery of nature-bound plastic waste, which we then recycle to make new products. At Polyafric we accept both post-consumer and Industrial plastic waste.

Quality Products

Our ethically sourced materials are processed into high quality products without contaminations. These products meet the local and international standards.

Social Impact

Our organization takes pride in helping generate a reliable income to an otherwise marginalized and impoverished population in the community.

Environment Sustainance

We divert plastics from the environment back into the economy thus preventing aquatic and environmental pollution. This is achieved by employing smart tools for every link in the plastics value chain.

How We Work

At Polyafric Industries we believe the future of Plastic is Circular. We employ smart tracking tools that provides technological footprints at every stage of our process. Utilizing a digital platform enables us to join thousands of other small scale collectors and recyclers around the world in making a change on the Environment and create Income for our people.

blockchain tracking





Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. We work with the local community at every stage to create awareness of taking care of our environment as well as working towards raising our standards of living

recovered materials

Community based organizations recover materials from the environment

Collection points

Recovered materials are then collected to be processed at our recycling facility.

sorting center

The recovered materials are then sorted according to the different types of plastic before being processed.

recycling facility

The materials are then processed to remove contaminants and to be converted into usable raw material.

We want to change
peoples lives

Impacting the community is in our core agenda as we create a sustainable environment


We Are Here For You

We deal with both Post-consumer Waste & Post-Industrial Waste producing raw materials like HDPE, LDPE & PP to be recycled back in the respective industries, effectively closing the loop.



“Polyafric helps to clean the environment by purchasing the recyclable waste that we collect.”

– Julie (Kayole collection point) –

“Because of Polyafric we are able to get some income to support our families at the dumpsite. Our kids now go to school and we are able to provide their basic needs”

– Davy (Dandora collection point) –


Partnerships that bring a Positive Environmental & Social Impact

Some of our close partners include Kenya Extended Producers Responsibility Organisation (KEPRO) whose purpose is to accelerate the growth of Kenya’s recycling ecosystem to protect the environment while creating jobs.

Kenya Associate of Waster Recyclers(KAWR) – They partner with us to create recycling awareness, Build capacity and provide advocacy on behalf of recyclers on legislative and regulatory issues.


Employment of digital tools to improve efficiency & quality of the end product

At Polyafric Industries efficiency is at the core of our business processes and we have adapted a range of smart tools to boost our process. This ensures we are able to repeatedly deliver quality products for the local and international market.


At Polyafric we love to give back to our community as we partner together to improve our Environment and impact lives.

We have crafted several programs that help us achieve these goals and have dedicated resources to undertake the following endeavors.

  • Environmental campaigns on changing the perception of waste
  • Mobilizing communal clean ups
  • Donating tree seedlings
  • Create community reward programs
We ReduceWe ReuseWe RecycleWe EducateWe Preserve

— Thriving on community environmental success stories —


Closed loop Recycling

Waste pickers

Post-consumer plastic waste is collected from the environment and consolidated at the collection centers.The waste pickers collect and gather plastic waste in areas that are inaccessible to traditional waste collection systems. Reasons being they are in these communities and can also utilize handcarts as a means of transport.

Collection centers

At these points the collected materials are registered using the tracking app which captures the journey of the waste to the final products. Waste pickers are also directly well compensated at reliable pricing without including any middlemen.


The collected waste is transported to our recycling facility where it is further sorted, washed and processed into raw materials.


The raw materials are then processed into final HDPE, LDPE or PP products effectively closing the loop. These products are able to enter the market again and have not been manufactured using virgin material.

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We are humbled to be involved in transformative patnerships and Collaborations

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